Certification FAQ


  • Do I have to know how to paddle?
    Prior knowledge of SUPing is not required but is definitely a plus. Yoga on a SUP is different than in the studio. The foundation of poses is key to staying injury free and being able to evolve as a SUP Yoga practitioner.​
  • Do I have to do the whole 2 1/2 days or can I just do the WPA portion?
    This program is designed to be two parts. The first day from 9-5pm will be dedicated to the WPA certification and be $295 which includes your first year membership fees. You are more then welcome to attend the first day only and not the whole SUP Yoga training.
  • Must I be a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)?
    While the majority of our students are 200-500-hr RYTs however it is not required. We do require our applicants have a solid foundation in the philosophy, psychology and methodology of yoga. Yoga students and teachers with a sincere desire to study this specialized yoga practice are ideal for this training.